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Eryk R. Escobar is a California licensed attorney with experience in bankruptcy, debt relief, and immigration law. Currently, Bankruptcy and Immigration Attorney Mr. Escobar provides legal services to residents of Moorpark. Bankruptcy and Immigration Attorney Mr. Escobar graduated from Loyola Law School, a respected southern California law school.debt relief MoorparkWhile in law school, Mr. Escobar developed an extensive network of bankruptcy and immigration practitioners throughout Moorpark and the San Fernando Valley, which today help make Mr. Escobar a well-respected attorney among his peers. Before graduating from law school, Mr. Escobar secured a two-year federal clerkship – a coveted position among law school graduates. Specifically, Mr. Escobar served as a law clerk to the Hon. Maureen A. Tighe, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge in Woodland Hills, California. While working as a bankruptcy law clerk, Mr. Escobar gained hands-on and behind the scenes experience that few bankruptcy attorneys get to experience.

After his bankruptcy clerkship, Mr. Escobar was an Associate Attorney with the law firm Bienert, Miller & Katzman in San Clemente, California – South Orange County. There, Mr. Escobar practiced complex civil and insolvency litigation. During his stint in private practice, Mr. Escobar represented clients in non-dischargeability and discharge objection adversary proceedings in bankruptcy court in Moorpark and Orange County. Mr. Escobar also represented plaintiffs in multi-million dollar mortgage fraud actions in federal court.

Bankruptcy and Immigration Attorney Mr. Escobar left the world of complex civil litigation to work with and assist a consumer based clientele in Moorpark with their bankruptcy and debt relief needs. Additionally, Bankruptcy and Immigration Attorney Mr. Escobar left to assist undocumented individuals in need of immigration services in Moorpark. As a first-generation child of Mexican immigration parents, raised in a Spanish speaking household, Bankruptcy and Immigration Attorney Mr. Escobar knows first hand the barriers immigrants in Moorpark face. Moorpark Bankruptcy Attorney Mr. Escobar prides himself in assisting a consumer and immigrant based clientele in Moorpark with their bankruptcy, debt relief, and immigration needs.



The most common types of bankruptcy filed by individuals include chapter 7 “liquidation” and chapter 13 “reorganization”. If you have questions about the different bankruptcy chapters that individuals generally file in Moorpark, email or call Bankruptcy Attorney Mr. Escobar for a free consultation. Also, if you want to know whether you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy, email or call Bankruptcy Attorney Mr. Escobar for a free consultation. Whether you, as a resident of Moorpark, qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy is generally a mathematical question that may often become complex to calculate without professional assistance. This mathematical question often requires reference to nationally and locally established figures. Mr. Escobar’s office will remove the stress and calculate the numbers for you. In the end, Bankruptcy Attorney Mr. Escobar will explain the options available to you based on your unique financial situation as a resident of Moorpark.

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Often, clients are concerned about the implications of filing a bankruptcy petition. Additionally, some clients may only have one or two major creditors and may want to negotiate with these limited creditors before considering bankruptcy. If you are not ready for bankruptcy but still need to resolve a specific debt you owe, email or call Debt Relief Attorney Mr. Escobar for a free consultation about your debt relief options. Through debt settlement, we negotiate directly with your individual creditor(s) without having to go to court. Together, we discuss what you can realistically afford and will use those metrics to try to negotiate your debt to a fraction of the outstanding balance.