Bankruptcy Attorney San Bernandino | Debt Relief

Karine Karadjian is a California licensed attorney with experience in bankruptcy and debt relief in San Bernandino. Over the years, she’s helped people from all walks of life get the kind of debt relief that allows them to make a fresh start. From helping low-income individuals with bankruptcy-related issues through the Public Counsel’s Debtor Assistance Project through assisting people who lost their income during the COVID-19 pandemic, she offers proven debt relief solutions. Perhaps most importantly, she can help people to determine whether or not bankruptcy is right for them. If it isn’t, she can employ any number of effective debt relief strategies.    BANKRUPTCY  The most common types of bankruptcy filed by individuals include chapter 7 “liquidation” and chapter 13 “reorganization”. If you have questions about the different bankruptcy chapters that individuals generally file in Los Angeles, email or call Karine Karadjian for a free consultation.    Whether you, as a resident of Los Angeles, qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy is generally a mathematical question that may often become complex to calculate without professional assistance. Ms. Karadjian’s office will remove the stress and calculate the numbers for you, explaining the options available to you based on your unique financial situation.      DEBT SETTLEMENT For many, it may be possible to settle your debts for a fraction of the balance. This is not “debt consolidation,” but rather an effective, proven approach which can ultimately save you money. For those who do not qualify for a bankruptcy or prefer not to have one on their record, this may be an entirely viable option. We’ll sit down with you to figure out the best approach to your debt and go from there.    DEBT RELIEF  Often, clients are concerned about the implications of filing a bankruptcy petition. Additionally, some clients may only have one or two major creditors and may want to negotiate with these limited creditors before considering bankruptcy. If you are not ready for bankruptcy but still need to resolve a specific debt you owe, email, or call San Bernandino Debt Relief Attorney Ms. Karadjian for a free consultation about your debt relief options. Through debt settlement, we negotiate directly with your individual creditor(s) without having to go to court. Together, we discuss what you can realistically afford and will use those metrics to try to negotiate your debt to a fraction of the outstanding balance.