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Bankruptcy Law Lawyer in Irvine on How to Avoid Bankruptcy

It is true that working with a bankruptcy law lawyer in Irvine is beneficial if you are filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, at KE Law firm, we also offer counseling to our clients to help them avoid filing in the first place.  Debt is part of our life. It can be…

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Can I File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy More Than Once?

When you are facing bankruptcy, there will be hundreds of questions on your mind, our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Irvine can help you deal with this situation that no one ever wants to go through. If you have already filed for bankruptcy once before, you will be all too aware of the stress and anxiety…

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Overcome Debt Problems with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Irvine

A growing number of Americans are struggling with debt problems, trying to find a solution to mounting bills including mortgages, medical bills and utilities, and trying to stay on top of all of these without taking out even more debt. When you are in this situation, finding a solution can seem nearly impossible, and as…

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