Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement

Bankruptcy is not for everyone.  We understand that.  Some people simply don’t qualify while others don’t want a bankruptcy on their record.  Whatever the reason, debt settlement is an alternative.  You may be able to settle your debts for a fraction of the balance.  Don’t fall for “debt consolidation” tactics that offer installment plans to settle your debt over a long period of time.  Often times a large bulk of your payments goes to pay these companies for their hefty fees and the remainder goes to interest.  Debt settlement is a more effective approach to dealing with your debts.  Contact an attorney to discuss the best strategy.

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If you or any of your loved ones need help with or are currently considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, contact Karadjian & Escobar, P.C. today.  We offer consultations free of charge.  Your case will be personally handled by an experienced, caring attorney from start to finish.  We have offices throughout Southern California for your convenience.  We can meet you at our offices in Orange County (Irvine) or Los Angeles County (Glendale or Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley).  We can meet you during weekends, early mornings, or late evenings if typical office hours don’t work for you.  If we don’t have an office near you, we can meet you at your home or a local coffee shop if you prefer (coffee on us!).  We look forward to getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

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