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“For anybody that has extenuating circumstances, or is concerned about not qualifying for a Chapter-7 petition, I highly recommend you contact Karine Karadjian! She is a banruptcy law expert who does not merely fill-out and file paperwork for you. She is a brilliant strategist who knows the BK-laws inside & out!

Karine crafted a 3-fold strategy for me to adhere to, that would best present my particular situation to the Trustees. She worked tirelessly on my case through all hours of the night to meet the filing deadline, stayed in perpetual contact, and reassured me throughout the entire ordeal – including being present herself in court and NOT turning my case over to a junior colleague at the last minute like many attorneys are prone to do.

Karine’s knowledge, demeanor, and attitude was refreshing to see in a Bk attorney. After consulting with a few of the legal professionals listed on YELP, I am certainly glad that I utilized the services of Karadjian & Escobar! Even some of her own colleagues referred me over due to my circumstances. Excellent service and great results! Thank you Karine…”

Christopher N.

I recently got married and accrued a lot of debt that I was not anticipating. I was referred to Eryk and decided to give him a call for a consultation to discuss options. Eryk was extremely helpful and he made me feel very comfortable. Money is not fun to talk about, unless you have a lot of it, and Eryk was very nonjudgmental and understanding of my situation. He was extremely knowledgeable and spent the time to explain to me all my different options, in ways that I can understand. I would definitely recommend Eryk!!

Helen H., Oceanside, CA

I called with a lot of questions and uncertainty and Karine and Eryk made me feel at ease. They took the time to answer my questions, went over all my options and quoted me a fair price. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Jasmine G., Los Angeles

I had questions about the difference between chapter 7 and 13 and my student loans. Eryk gave me good answers and a lot of information.

Jonathan P., Irvine, CA


I was considering filing for bankruptcy and I was referred to Eryk Escobar. I was so lucky because I felt so comfortable and you can sense right from the beginning that Eryk Escobar is dedicated to solving your financial problems in the fastest, least expensive, least stressful, and most convenient manner possible. If you are contemplating bankruptcy, and looking for advice in a relaxed, cordial, non-judgmental atmosphere, look no further. The free one hour consultation was so easy and I got all my answers. I was not pressured to file bankruptcy or make any decision. I would recommend anyone to Eryk Escobar without hesitation.

Anthony S., Los Angeles, CA

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