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When you are the victim of an accident, you should be able to focus on your recovery. You should not have to worry about how you will pay for your medical expenses or how you will cover lost wages. If your injuries are the result of another party’s negligence, you have the right to seek damages.

Our Van Nuys personal injury lawyer is ready to provide the aggressive and effective advocacy you need in the aftermath of an accident. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and more. Our team at Karine Karadjian, A Professional Law Corporation is extremely familiar with how personal injury claims are decided in California and will leverage that knowledge to fight for the best possible result.

If you have been injured in an accident and are not sure what to do next, contact us online or call (747) 477-4408 to schedule a free initial phone consultation. Our firm has offices in Los Angeles and Irvine.

What to Do After an Accident in California

You must take proactive steps to protect your rights when you are the victim of an accident. Making avoidable mistakes can limit your ability to recover compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, you should make every effort to:

  • Collect the contact information of everyone involved. Obtain the names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information (where applicable) of every involved party. This includes individuals directly involved in the accident as well as any witnesses.
  • Summon the authorities (when necessary). In California, you must report a car accident that results in injury, death, or at least $1,000 in property damage within 1 day of the incident. It is often in your best interest to ask an officer to come to the scene, as they will create an official report that can be used as evidence in your case.
  • Gather evidence. Document the accident site as much as possible. If you were in a car accident, take pictures of the property damage and roadway conditions. If you slipped and fell in a premises liability incident, take photos of the accident area, including any factors that may have contributed to the accident, and request security camera footage.
  • Seek medical attention. Make sure you are thoroughly examined by your doctor as soon as possible, even if you do not believe you sustained any major injuries. Follow their treatment advice and procure a copy of their medical assessment. 
  • Report the accident (if applicable). California law requires motorists to report car accidents that result in injury or death to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days of the incident.
  • Avoid making official statements. If you were involved in an auto accident, you will need to promptly inform your insurance company of the incident. However, you should, if at all possible, retain legal representation before speaking to your insurance provider. In addition, you should avoid making any kind of statement to the negligent party’s insurance company. Any statement you make may be distorted and eventually used against you.
  • Contact a lawyer. Our Van Nuys personal injury attorney can manage communications with insurance companies, evaluate the available evidence, and review your legal options.

How Personal Injury Claims Work in California

You will have only 2 years from the date of an accident to file a personal injury claim. If an accident results in death, you will have an additional 2 years from the date of the victim’s death to file a wrongful death claim.

If your personal injury claim goes to trial, a jury will evaluate each party’s role in causing the accident. California is a “comparative negligence” state, so your award will be commensurately reduced by your percentage of fault. If the jury decides you were 20% at fault, for example, a $100,000 award would be reduced by $20,000.

A personal injury claim can help an accident recover economic and non-economic damages, including compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost or missed wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Punitive damages

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Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Our legal team routinely handles many types of personal injury claims. When you come to us for help, we will walk you through how the process works, the likelihood of success, and what types of compensation you may be able to recover.

Our Van Nuys personal injury lawyer can assist you with claims involving:

  • Automobile accidents. This includes car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, and pedestrian collisions. The specific vehicles involved in the wreck may impact the types of damages you can recover.
  • Premises liability incidents. Property owners owe visitors a duty of care and can be held financially accountable when negligent conduct results in injury. 
  • Dog bites. In California, dog owners are liable for damages when their animal bites someone when they are on public property or lawfully present on private property. 
  • Wrongful death. When someone dies as a result of another party’s negligence, the deceased’s loved ones can seek damages to cover several types of losses.

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