Bankruptcy Law Attorney Los Angeles Reveals The Top Bankrupt Companies That Re-Emerge

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bankruptcy law lawyer los angeles reveals the top bankrupt companies that re emerge

The goal of Karine Karadjian law firm, a bankruptcy law attorney in Los Angeles, is to assist individuals in getting a fresh start. If you are on the brink of failure, you may file for bankruptcy protection. However, you may wonder how this will actually help you with your financial woes and if you will even be able to come back.

Bankruptcy Law Attorney in Los Angeles in Filing for a Bankruptcy Protection

You can settle with your creditors through bankruptcy protection. You’d be surprised by the bankrupt companies that have managed to re-emerge from it and they are now in better shape than ever. Who knows? You might learn from them.


Yes, believe it or not but the world’s largest company used to be in dire straits. It did not, however, end up filing for bankruptcy. However, it was on the verge of failure in the 1990s. Thankfully, Microsoft, its arch-rival, saved the company by investing $150 million in them. What you can learn from it is that you may want to find someone to help you out. You can ask for help from your parents or siblings if you have. Although it is not advisable to ask for money from your relatives, you might want to do so when you are in this dire situation.

Marvel Entertainment

Who would have thought that this entertainment studio filed for bankruptcy in 1996? This is currently one of the successful companies in the entertainment industry. It happened when the company was still focusing on comic books. However, having shifted to making blockbuster movies, such as The Avengers and Spider-man, it is now worth billions of dollars. The lesson you can learn here is to somehow shift your focus. You might want to start learning new skills to help you begin a business. But you can only do so after you have paid your debt. You should invest in yourself first. In that way, you could have new skills that you can hone and use it to get a fresh start.


It is one of the successful American restaurants around the world. It filed for bankruptcy twice, but it re-emerged through the assistance of private equity firms. The company converted its image into a more casual style rather than a food counter concept. Typically, bankruptcy is the end of an organization or a business. However, it is not always the case for some companies. As long as you bring something new to the table, you can make your business profitable and successful after the bankruptcy is over.

You too can re-emerge form bankruptcy. When you file for bankruptcy protection, it does not mean that you are done. While you are paying your debt, you should have a plan on how to re-establish your career or business. Focus on the things that you love and find ways to make money out of it. When you consult with our bankruptcy law lawyer in Los Angeles, you will feel motivated to get a fresh start and re-emerge from the brink of failure. Give our bankruptcy law lawyer in Los Angeles a call today for a free consultation: (747) 477-4408

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