Bankruptcy Law Lawyer In Orange County: Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Assets

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Bankruptcy Law Lawyer In Orange County: Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Assets

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bankruptcy law lawyer orange county

Are you planning to file for personal bankruptcy? If you are, then consider talking to our bankruptcy law lawyer in Orange County first. No matter what your circumstance is, you must not go down this road alone. Instead, opt to hire an attorney to work and guide you in moving forward.

You must plan properly when you file for bankruptcy to maximize the process. When you work with an experienced attorney, you can avoid failure to disclose all assets as you file.

Keep in mind that when you hide some of your assets, the court will still see it. If that happens, you will be denied with debt discharge.

In some cases, hiding your assets is not a deliberate thing. It is especially true if you are reorganizing your assets to minimize your financial burden.

If you choose to hire a bankruptcy lawyer, make sure to find someone who knows how to help you plan effectively. At Karine Karadjian law office, our attorney will recommend actions that will not imperil your filing. We offer professional guidance to help you keep on track. Our attorney will also protect your rights.

Bankruptcy Law Lawyer in Orange County Helps You Receive a Discharge

The risk of forfeiting your opportunity for discharge is high if you do not work with an attorney. As mentioned earlier, if the court believes that you hid your assets before you even filed for bankruptcy, you would be denied discharge altogether.

If that happens, you will find yourself in the clutches for the overall cost accrued by the bankruptcy.

You must never assume that a court wants the best for the debtor. It is not always the case.

Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy task. If you understand it and work with an attorney, you have better chances of receiving a discharge. Furthermore, you can fully maximize its range of benefits.

If you choose to go through this path alone without hiring an attorney, then you are likely to miss out on the various benefits of this option. Furthermore, you are risking your case of getting disqualified from the discharge.

Furthermore, hiding your assets could result in criminal charges, even if you did not mean it. And if the court could prove that you committed bankruptcy crimes, you would face criminal charges that could lead to jail time.

That’s why we recommend hiring our bankruptcy law lawyer to help you out. We can teach you how to protect yourself from facing criminal charges.

The guidance of our lawyer will ensure that you have more time to focus on your other personal affairs. Our attorney will represent your best interests.

Attorney Karine Karadjian will also protect your rights against your collectors.

Our commitment here is to make sure that our clients will have financial freedom after the case is closed. We can assist you in getting a fresh start. Bankruptcy is a difficult decision but we make the entire process a lot smoother and easier.

Visit our bankruptcy law lawyer in Orange County today to know more about our services, or call us at: (747) 477-4408

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