Consult A Chapter 7 Lawyer In Orange County For Your Mental Health

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Consult A Chapter 7 Lawyer In Orange County For Your Mental Health

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chapter  lawyer in orange county

Even if you’re earning a substantial income, you may still end up facing financial difficulty. You may consider that this issue is only temporary and you can repay it after getting your next paycheck. However, you may not be able to recover. Just ask our chapter 7 lawyer in Orange County. Most of her clients started with a small debt but ended up filing for bankruptcy. If you struggle with considerable debt, make sure that you face it as early as possible so you can patch it up quickly. In that way, your small debt won’t accumulate and become an insurmountable problem.

Talk to a Chapter 7 Lawyer in Orange County to Fix your Debt Issues

Debt won’t be resolved on its own. You need to find a solution as quickly as possible to prevent it from burgeoning. If you don’t, you won’t only be facing your creditors but you may also suffer from a mental health issue.

The Link Between Debt and Mental Health

Your debt, no matter what it is, can cause you to worry. You will think about it every day in such a way that you can no longer think of other things but your burgeoning debt. As a result, your daily life can be greatly be affected. It will also affect your emotional well-being. Most people who are now suffering from depression have financial problems. When you’re depressed, you will feel that you will never get out of this situation and that you can never enjoy your life because of your money issues. You will be anxious every day because you think about how you meet your needs and pay for your expenses.

The Consequences of Debt

Your debt issues can also cause you to feel stressed, thereby, affecting your work or school. You may also feel stressed about how to get money to help you purchase some of those necessary items that you need. Because of overthinking, you may start to resent your life because of how you end up in this situation. You may also get angry with other people who may have contributed to your debt issues. However, all of these things can be avoided if you talk to someone who can help you resolve your financial issues. You should not face it on your own. Instead, you must talk to someone who knows what type of debt solution you need.

Consult a Chapter 7 Lawyer

Here at Karine Karadjian, we offer debt consultation and counseling. We don’t immediately recommend chapter 7 or bankruptcy, in general, without first knowing what your financial issues are. Our chapter 7 lawyer, Karine Karadjian, serves a wide array of clients. She takes pride in her work and establishes a great client relationship. When you talk to her, you will get a personalized recommendation.

At KE Law firm, we will customize a solution to your issues to stop debt collectors from harassing you. Once you have a clear idea of how to tackle your debt, you can slowly get back on your feet. You will feel that you’re more at peace knowing that there’s a solution to your burdensome debt. To start your free consultation with our chapter 7 lawyer in Orange County, call us at (747) 477-4408

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